Labour supporters split after Lammy sides with Starmer and Blair.

Today, David Lammy agreed with Sir Keir Starmer when he said Labour should follow in Blair’s footsteps.

Since the Labour leader said this, many have raised eyebrows regarding Blairs War Mongering history.

Sir Keir Starmer, Labour leader, told the Financial Times that he wanted Labour members “to embrace” the legacy of Tony Blair. He also made a wild promise to win the next general elections following the planned party reboot.

A hornet’s nest has been shaken after Starmer’s comments caused division among Labour supporters due to Mr Blair’s involvement in the Iraq War. They also attacked Sir Keir for bringing the Former PM’s name into the fold.


Shadow Chancellor David Lammy, however, was in total agreement with Sir Keir. This prompted listeners to his LBC appearance online to voice their disapproval.

On LBC, Mr Lammy spoke with Tom Swarbrick, who took the opportunity to question the Labour MP’s thoughts regarding Starmer’s comments about Tony Blair.

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