Labour Leader promises to reform and eliminate Corbynism, as he tries to challenge Boris in the next election.

Jeremy Corbyn Keir Starmer at war Labour

Sir Keir Starmer leads the fight against Corbynism and vows to radically overhaul his party as he attempts to challenge Boris Johnson at the next election.

As he seeks to improve Labour’s electoral offerings, the Labour leader seemed to declare war on himself last night. He pledged to rebuild Labour’s relationships with businesses, in stark contrast to his predecessor.


He made comments that could cause anger in sections of the Opposition and urged members to embrace Tony Blair’s legacy.

Sir Keir, Labour leader after the election of spring 2013, pledged to continue to follow a variety of policies that Jeremy Corbyn had adopted in 2019.

He pledged to support mass renationalization, strengthening trade union power and an increase in corporation tax.

Yesterday, Sir Keir suggested that the policies be changed. Many City residents criticized this at the last election.

He told the Financial Times that he was acutely aware of the fact that one of my first tasks would be to rebuild the relationship between Labour and business.

He stated that he only had one goal: “To win next election.”
Sir Keir admitted that he was open to tackling dissenters within his party to be in No10.

He stated that “We have to turn the Labour party inside out, and that’s what we’ve been doing for the last 18 months.”

“Too many of our members and supporters think winning an internal argument in the Labour party is changing the world — it isn’t.”
“We’ve got to get real.”

Since Sir Keir assumed control, hundreds of Labour members were suspended from the party. Many of these people were supporters of Mr Corbyn.

The party’s former leader was temporarily expelled from the party in autumn last year and is still denied the right of sitting with Labour MPs at the Commons.

The party’s ruling executive committee voted last month to ban four far-left factions who were vocal supporters of Mr Corbyn.

Any Labour member who is found to be part of any of these four groups will be expelled automatically from the party.

As Tony Blair spoke to the Scottish Parliament yesterday, the St Pancras and Holborn MP also praised him.

He called on Labour to highlight the achievements of Mr Blair during his tenure and said that they should be proud of their record in government, not just distant or at arm’s length.

In June, YouGov polled 989 Labour members to find that 45 percent had a negative view of the ex-Prime Minister.

Blair’s 2003 decision to go into Iraq remains controversial, not only with Labour members but also with the general public.

In the eyes of the public, the foreign policy decision seems to have overshadowed most of his legacy.

Sir Keir encouraged the Labour Left to unite, despite being confronted by the Labour Left.

He stated, “Labour only ever wins if it glimpses the future.”

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