Secret access to the PM and Chancellor for those who “cough-up” £250,000 donation to the Conservative Party.


Last week, it was revealed in the Financial Times those who donate over £250,000 to the Conservatives will have secret access to the PM and Chancellor.

This morning in an interview on the BBC Radio 4 Today Program, Grant Shapps insisted that those who give large amounts of money to the party will have no influence over Government policy.


Mr Shapps said the party would adhere “very carefully” to the rules on donations. Though Shapps has tried to give these reassurances, Labour is demanding the Tories be transparent by naming the donors and the ministers involved in the elite club that the Conservatives Party has set up.

Though the Former Conservative Party Chair tried to Convince listeners that those who give large amounts of money to the conservatives wouldn’t have any sway on government policy, the BBC presenter on the Today Program slammed Shapps asking: “Do you think they really got that rich by writing a check for a quarter of a million pounds to have influence over nothing?

Shapps responded, saying people only give large amounts of money to the Conservatives out of the love of the country.

Shapps said: “There are a lot of people in this country who believe in this country and wants to see it prosper and may have views about what will the things do that will make the country prosper.”

Shapps continued to say those who Donate substantial amounts of money will not “change any policies, but you’re certainly welcome to hear about the policies.”

The “advisory board” that runs the elite group was brought about by Conservative Party co-chair Ben Eliot, who would connect elite donors to cabinet ministers.

One businessman Donor, Mohamed Amersi, told a newspaper only those who “cough up £250,000 per annum or be a friend of Ben” will be allowed into the Elite Club.

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