Nigel Farage slams officials from the Home Office and Border Force after they receive a hefty £10,000 pay increase.

Nigel Farage Border Force Home Office Pay Increase

Nigel Farage has come out slamming Home Office and Border Force officials who have been given hefty pay rises. Some have seen their pay packet grow by as much as £10,000.

Nigel states why should the officials be rewarded for not doing the jobs they are asked to do. Our borders are wide open, and no one is taking control of the crisis in the Channel.


Some of the salary increases were released in a report by The Times last week. The report said Glyn Williams, director-general for policy and strategy in the border, immigration and citizenship system, received a £10,000 pay raise which made his yearly salary jump to £140,000 – £145,000. 

Tyson Hepple, who is the head of immigration enforcement for the Home Office, saw his salary jump from £115,000 – £120,000 to £125,000 – £130,000.

Even though our Southern Border is being flooded with illegal migrants, and the Border Force being used a Channel taxi service, the head of the Border Force, Paul Lincoln, has also seen his pay packet bumped up by £10,000, seeing his annual salary shoot up from £130,000 – £135,000 to £135,000 to £140,000.

On his new show on GB News, Nigel Farage slammed these increases, saying: “I’ve always been a great believer that people should get paid according to performance. If they do well, you pay them more; you certainly don’t pay them more if they fail at what they’re there to do.”

“It is an absolutely catastrophic failure of policy, a failure not just from the home office but from a Border Force who repeatedly tell us they are going to get this under control.”

“They’ve completely and utterly failed in doing what they said they would do and helping with [Home Secretary] Priti Patel to stop the migrant crisis, and I have to say that drives me mad because people should be paid on results”.

What’re your thoughts about these increases, are they deserved, or should they have taken a pay cut?

2 thoughts on “Nigel Farage slams officials from the Home Office and Border Force after they receive a hefty £10,000 pay increase.

  1. Nigel is so right why have the Border force been given a £10,000 rise For Failure of their Jobs, I am So Bloody Angry about this, Nurses got a Measly 3% pay rise and these nurses actually died saving lives, Border force do Not deserve a 10,000 pound rise for being used as TAXIS across the Channel, This is very Serious I’m so angry, And You Boris Johnson you’re done for because I will NEVER Vote for you again, you have proved you’re just the Same as the bloody rest of the Politicians in this Government, This Country is being turned into a Shithole by you lot, I’m Sick to the back teeth of seeing this Happening every single Day, I am incensed with Anger over this and all you POLITICIANS can go to HELL Just like you’re doing to Us, The people who VOTED for You, Well Not any MORE, you are Slimy Cretins who don’t give a Shit for us who Voted for you, Never Again Ever.

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