Sturgeon left red-faced after Boris publicly sidestepped her offer to meet up during his trip to Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon Boris Johnson Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon wasn’t happy today after Boris Johnson at the last minute sidestepped the Scottish First ministers offer to meet during his visit to Scotland today. 

Sturgeons letter sent days ago to Boris Johnson was seen as if the PM was a foreigner being invited to meet the First Minister of Scotland. Due to that, he publicly sidestepped to meet up at the last minute, leaving grandstanding Sturgeon red-faced. 


Sturgeon was clearly hiding her anger, nervously laughing during an interview with Sky News where she said: “No I don’t feel snubbed but I think most people think it’s odd and a bit strange that.”

“We’ve got the Prime Minister visiting Scotland and talks a lot lately about the need, despite our political differences, for us to work together on getting through Covid and into Covid recovery.”

“But he doesn’t take the opportunity when in Scotland to come and talk to me directly about how we might cooperate and work together.”

Boris Johnson certainly did have the last say.

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