Latest poll shows only 16% think life is back to normal since supposed freedom day.

Freedom day yougov poll

With the narrative in the media being pushed that we will be in lockdown with Covid Passports dictating life come the autumn, is it any wonder why people still feel as if we are under lockdown rules even though we’ve supposedly been given back our freedom.

According to the latest YouGov polls, just 16% of those asked out of a pool of 1637 people feel like life is back to normal. 77% of those who were asked felt as if lockdown rules remain, with 6% unsure.

Picture from YouGov

In the report, YouGov reported: “In early June, we first asked Britons whether they felt like their lives felt like they had returned to how they were before the coronavirus crisis, just 16% told us this was the case.”

“This number has not risen above this point in our surveys since. In fact, the lowest figure we saw was 10% on 20 July – the day after Freedom Day, itself down 4pts on the prior survey conducted four days earlier.”

“That number now stands at 16% once again, as of our most recent survey on 28-29 July.”

“Currently three quarters of Britons (77%) say it does not feel like their lives have returned to normal.”

“There is little difference between social and voting groups on this view.”

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