Lord Frost tells Sturgeon’s SNP to have “no direct contact” with the EU while protocol discussion take place.

LORD Frost will meet with counterparts from the SNP-led Scottish Government tomorrow to hold crunch talks, as trust between London & Edinburgh plummets over Brexit-related issues.

According to the Express, Lord Frost will meet Scotland’s External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson tomorrow after the Scottish Government claimed the UK Brexit strategy is having a negative impact on Scotland and its trade opportunities going forward.


According to Lord Frost’s publication, the minister will meet to inform the SNP-led administration that they must keep the UK Government informed and involved in any contact with EU institutions.

Whitehall sources claimed that Lord Frost would prefer that SNP ministers have “no direct contact” with the EU without prior authorisation.

Ministers from the SNP have written previously to the European Commission, and they had regular discussions with officials in Brussels during crunch trade talks between Michel Barnier and Lord Frost. This had a negative impact for the whole of the UK during negotiations.

Edinburgh is, however, concerned about Lord Frost’s plans for renegotiation of the Northern Ireland Protocol. SNP ministers will ask Lord Frost to explain the reasoning behind the UK Government’s new strategy that’s been described as “risky” and “potentially provocative”.

A UK government source has been quoted saying: “Lord Frost has been very clear about the current situation which cannot continue.”

“Significant changes are needed to ensure that the protocol is sustainable for the future.”

“We also want to ensure that relations with the devolved nations are as smooth as possible with constructive dialogue.”

“However, when it comes to dialogue with European Union institutions, we strongly urge the devolved nations to keep the UK Government informed about the content of dialogue with them, especially at this time.”

Angus Robertson was quoted saying: “This entire issue, which could have significant implications for trade and business in Scotland, is a problem of the UK Government’s own making because of their pursuit of a damaging hard Brexit.”

“By pursuing that hard Brexit, and refusing to align food standards with the EU, Scottish businesses are again being pitched into a period of huge uncertainty and a potential trade crisis just as the economy starts to recover from the pandemic.”

“The UK Government is effectively gambling with our EU trade by trying to renegotiate a deal, agreed by both sides and hailed by the Prime Minister at the time as ‘oven-ready’.”

“It is a shambolic situation. And one that is totally unnecessary and self–inflicted.”

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