“Growing support for censorship is a major concern” Andrew Doyle urges Brits to stand upas push back.

The UK must resist a growing ‘precedent of continued censorship and cancel culture, or risk losing all its freedoms to those who decide which content is ‘offensive’ according to Andrew Doyle of GB News.

Mr Doyle said: “Growing support for censorship is a major concern and although we still live in a free society we can’t afford to be complacent.”

“Every time we see an attempt to chip away at our freedoms we need to take a stand.”

He slammed: “Who decides what’s harmful?!”

“In Scotland this year the SNP brought in their new hate crimes bill which could see people prosecuted for things they say in the privacy of their own home.”

“Or play write’s dragged into court if their dramatic representations are deemed likely to stir up hatred.”

“Do these people really not appreciate the dangers of allowing the state to lock up its citizens if they decide that their speech is hateful?”

“Do they really not see what sort of precedent this sets?”

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