Andrew Bridgen – “I think it would be a defining moment… if they use the emergency powers“ to implement vaccine passports.

Andrew Bridgen Vaccine Passports

Andrew Bridgen delivered an alarming statement which stated there might be little chance for the world to come out of the pandemic if the UK doesn’t exit the pandemic successfully. 

Mr Bridgen doesn’t believe vaccine passports will pass the House of Commons but admitted that the Government could pass the passports through using emergency powers if they chose to do so. 

The Tory MP said that even though the UK has had one of the worlds best jab roll-outs, if there isn’t a successful exit from the current situation, there is “little chance” of an exit for other nations. 

Mr Bridgen went onto LBC to express his thoughts on the situation. 

He said: “I think it would be defining moment… if they use the emergency powers they probably could argue with lawyers that they could bring it in without having a vote in the House of Commons.

“But I think that is too far for Boris Johnson and this government.”

“You’ve pointed out that the infection numbers are falling, I believe the virus itself is going to burn itself out because there just aren’t enough susceptible hosts.”

“We’ve got 93 percent of adults in the UK at least have got antibodies.”

“And quite honestly, Tom, if we can’t get out of this pandemic with our levels of vaccination and antibodies there is very little chance for the rest of the world and they all be watching what we do in the UK.”

“I think going to domestic vaccine passports would be an authoritarian step far too far.”

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