Boris labelled “UNGRACIOUS” by MEP after Britain refuses EU’s flimsy proposals to the Protocol.

An Irish MEP has hit out at Boris Johnson, labelling him “ungracious” in his response to the EU’s offers to defuse tensions over the disruptive rules on trade between GB and Northern Ireland.


The Irish MEP Barry Andrews from the governing Fianna Fail party claims the actions by Britain has been served under an atmosphere of “mistrust”. 

With this, the Irish MEP has called upon Boris to make an effort to rebuild “confidence” with the EU to make any fix with the border doable under a workable relationship.

Quoted in the Express, Barry said: “The one thing I would call on the UK Government to commit to, in circumstances where there’s such a low level of trust between London and Brussels, is what we used to call in the Northern Ireland peace process ‘confidence-building measures.”

“I thought the UK Government was very ungracious in regard to first of all the measures that were announced by the EU on June 30,”.

Though Barry wants the relationship to be run from Brussels, Boris has proposed rewriting the legal text to end the crippling EU implementation of the current protocol.

The Brexit Minister Lord Frost states that rewriting the rules is necessary to remove the red tape and free up the flow of trade between the UK and Northern Ireland. Frost also reminded us that the current offering from the EU dont go far enough to solve the ongoing probelms regarding trade.

A European Commission spokeswoman said: “The commission will carefully assess the new proposals made by the UK, in accordance with the necessary consultation procedures, both internally and with the European Parliament.”

“In order to provide the necessary space to reflect on these issues and find durable solutions to the implementation of the protocol, we have decided at this stage not to move to the next stage of the infringement procedure, started in March.”

The UK government spokesperson has said: “We look forward to engaging in talks with the EU in the weeks ahead. Significant changes are needed to ensure the protocol is sustainable for the future.”

Discussions continue. 

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