Diane Abbott criticises the Home office over Channel migrant conditions when they arrive in Britain.

Diane Abbott Channel Migra ts

Diane Abbott has today waded in on the Governments handling of the illegal Migrant crisis in Dover.

Diane Abbotts Twitter post

Diane’s criticism wasn’t over human traffickers putting lives at risk in the Channel. Instead, it was over the condition of the holding facility in which migrants are held to be processed.

Diane Abbott wrote: “Migrants (including women and children) coming across the Channel in small boats are being held in unfit and illegal conditions in Dover. Almost as if the Home Office is punishing them”

Diane’s comments came after the home affairs committee went to Dover. During their visit this week, members of the home affairs committee said they were shocked and concerned about what they found.

They claimed it was “wholly inappropriate” as well as a clear Covid threat, with some migrants being held above legal limits.

According to the Home Office, it is serious about protecting the welfare of migrants.

It also stated that traffickers were putting pressure on services by causing “unacceptable” numbers of people to cross the Channel.

Labours Yvette Cooper has since written a letter to the Home Secretary stating the facility that holds migrants in Dover was “clearly unfit” for purpose.

When will the attention shift from the treatment of illegal law-breaking migrants to stopping the human traffickers who are making millions of pounds at the cost of peoples lives and the British Tax Payer?

Labours priority isn’t the protection of Britain but for wide-open borders with everyone and anyone welcome regardless of circumstances.

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