WATCH | ANN WIDDECOMBE – We must start “actively resisting” the ”WOKERATI”

Ann Widdecombe Nigel Farage GB News

On GB News last night, Former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe describes the situation we find ourselves in after the ‘WOKE’ mob went after advertisers on GB News.


During the interview, Ann said those businesses who removed their advertising from GB News due to pressure from the WOKE mob thought they could get away with cancelling the brand new news channel.

Instead, they got a backlash with people taking their business elsewhere.

The Former Brexit Party MEP said that people need to “actively resist” those businesses who push to cancel culture. Only by taking business elsewhere on a massive scale will these businesses start to listen.

Ann said: ‘We actually need those who do not like the current trends to actively start resisting’ 

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