German MEP channels his inner Trump demanding a border to be built around the EU.

Weber German MEP

German MEP Manfred Weber decided to go all Donald Trump urging the European Union to build a border wall to stop illegal migrants from entering.


Weber, the leader of the EPP Group within the EU Parliament, urged eurocrats not to be intimidated by Alexander Lukashenko, the Rogue Belarusian leader.

With a massive influx of migrants entering the EU, The German suggested constructing a wall along the border to keep them out. If it went ahead, the fence would span over 400 miles to protect the bloc fully. It will also cover the borders of Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

Weber told Politico: “The continued attack on the European external border by dictator Lukashenko is a strategic foreign policy challenge for the whole of Europe.”

“We expect full and unconditional support from the European Commission to support the Lithuanian authorities to strengthen the external border.”

The German proposed, “if needed”, the “construction of the border fence, help to process and send back the arrivals and hold all people, businesses and governments that facilitate this cynical human tracking scheme to account”.

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