Nigel pulls up Vince Cable after making out no one was told we would be leaving the single market.

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Last night Nigel Farage invited former Lib Dem leader Vince Cable to be interviewed on his show. During the show, Nigel tackled Vince head-on regarding Brexit.


Even after the majority voted to leave the EU in the Brexit referendum, Vince Cable continued to derail the referendum result by pushing for a second vote regarding whether the UK should leave the EU.

Last night, Nigel said to Vince that he never respected the referendum result, to which Vince replied: “I accepted the referendum. I went out and said I accepted the referendum, and that was my view.

“But then what happened if you remember Theresa May at Lancaster House, she defined Brexit in a way you would be comfortable with.

“It wouldn’t be just leaving the political stuff in the European Union, things you [Nigel] didn’t like.

“But it was also leaving the Single Market…”

Nigel then butted in to put Vince cable right.

Nigel said: “That is baloney; every single leading figure on both Leave and Remain in the referendum said that a vote to leave was a vote to leave the Single Market – it couldn’t have been clearer.

“Yes, it took Boris Johnson a bit of time to work it out with his first interview with Andrew Marr, but both sides said a vote was to leave the Single Market.

“And frankly, you guys just concocted this.” It just goes to show that Brexit hasn’t been put to bed yet.”

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