Labours membership collapses under Keir Starmers Leadership.

Reports suggest Labour are haemorrhaging supporters fast. It’s said they have lost 250 members a day since Starmer took the reigns of Labour. 


The party’s membership has continued to plummet since the Holborn and St Pancras MP took over last spring. It was originally hoped that Sir Keir’s election would boost the party after the 2019 election defeat.

The rot continues, however, the new leadership has not succeeded in stopping it.

The party has seen 120,000 members pay their dues, which significantly impacted its finances.

Last April, there were 550,000 members when Sir Keir was elected. However, that number has fallen to 430,000.

Due to the drop in membership, monthly income of up to £500,000 has been lost.

When the party’s ruling executive committee (NEC), met last week, they received the updated figures.

Last Tuesday’s meeting saw the NEC asked to approve the reduction of staff to address a funding crisis. This was partly due to the decline in numbers.

A lack of funds is threatening at least 90 jobs.

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