Labour attempts to halt deportations on failed asylum claims.

Keir Starmer Failed Asylum claims

PRITI Patel has criticised Labour for trying to stop her from evicting the failed asylum seekers who live in state-funded housing – which is costing taxpayers £1billion per year.


Left-wing MPs wrote the Home Secretary requesting that she stop evicting those who have been told to leave. They were entitled to housing free of charge until Monday’s closing, but they lost this right on Freedom Day. This was after hundreds of illegal immigrants crossed the Channel on small boats.

Campaigners for migration control have raised concerns previously that the combination of French failure to address the problem on their behalf and opposition attempts to prevent deportations is encouraging illegal migrants to flood the country and criminal activities by human traffickers.

Paula Barker, Wavertree MP, wrote the letter and 11 Labour colleagues signed it. They demanded that the evictions be halted. They claimed that the pandemic had already made it difficult for local authorities to handle the situation.

They stated: “It’s an outrage that some of the most vulnerable people in our communities are facing impending homelessness at the hands of your department, without being provided with the information we need to plan our local response.

“We ask that planned evictions are paused to allow for discussions to take place between Ministers and the Liverpool City Region Mayor, Steve Rotheram, and local authority leaders about this issue, in the same manner as has been afforded to the devolved administrations in the other nations of the UK.”

Priti Patel responded, saying: “This week Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party voted against vital new laws to crack down on despicable people-smuggling gangs, stop illegal Channel crossings and remove dangerous foreign criminals from our country.”

“The Shadow Secretary for Northern Ireland and members of the Labour Party urged me to halt a deportation flight to thwart the removal of murderers, rapists and child abusers from our shores.”

“Now Labour MPs want me to stop removing failed asylum seekers from taxpayer-funded accommodation, a system which is costing the taxpayer over £1billion each year.”

“Labour oppose measures to reform our broken asylum system, oppose removing dangerous foreign criminals, and now they want the British taxpayer to fund failed asylum seekers for longer.”

Patel continued: “They are quite simply not on the side of the British public.”

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