Sammy Wilson lashes out at the EU after they refused to seek a new protocol arrangement

Sammy Wilson talking about the Northern Ireland Protocol

Sammy Wilson hit out at the EU to protest the ongoing Brexit trade dispute at the Northern Ireland border.


Sammy Wilson, DUP Brexit spokesperson, claimed that the EU wanted to reverse the UK’s benefits from Brexit. He claimed that the EU was demanding too much from the UK in order to trade with the bloc.

Sammy said that the EU wanted to punish the UK for cutting trade ties with the bloc. Sammy told TalkRadio: “I think that illustrates the point I have tried to make time and time again.

“This is not about the need to protect the EU single market, this is all about the EU finding ways to putting pressure on the UK to comply with EU rules.”

“Every interview I have done with EU spokespeople and Irish Ministers, the answer always is: ‘If the UK would align fully with EU checks then all of this would disappear’.”

“I believe that Northern Ireland is being used to try and undo some of the gains which there were with Brexit.”

“That is what this is all about, this is not about protecting the single market.”

With the Brexit Minister Lord Frost taking note of the situation in Northern Ireland, he asked for the Brexit deal to be reopened to iron out these problems.

The EU Vice Commission Chief denied the request saying, “we will not agree to a renegotiation of the Protocol.”

The UK is yet to set out a concrete way to solve this problem with Northern Ireland. Many have said Britain has legal grounds to tear up the agreement and seek better doable arrangements.

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