Lefty Politicians FUMING, labelling the Tories “COLD, CRUEL and CALLOUS” for wanting to protect UK borders from illegal entry.

With Priti Patel trying to push through a bill that is said to deter illegal migrants breaking into the UK though illegal channels, the political opposition were up in arms that the bill passed second reading. 


The result of the second reading of the Nationality and Borders Bill was 366(for) to 265(against).

First to react was Labours leader, Keir Starmer who said tories should be “ashamed” that the bill passed. 

Keir wrote: “The Conservatives just voted to make it harder to give a safe haven to children fleeing violence and war.”

“They should be ashamed.”

Leader of Welsh Lib Dems Jane Dodds said the “conservatives are cold, cruel and callous for supporting the bill”. 

Jane Wrote: “My heart bleeds at this disgraceful abandonment of our basic compassion and care for others.”

“People who are seeking refuge and asylum need protection and help.”

“The Conservatives are cold, cruel and callous in supporting this bill. Shame on them.”

With the opposition leaders opposing the Borders bill, it does make you think why they deter from wanting to protect the UK from illegal entry, especially when these migrant pass through safe countries to get to the UK. 

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