Brussels prepare a contingency plan after Britain rejects to sign up to EU rules.

Brussels is said to be preparing a contingency plan If the UK doesn’t engage with the EU to resolve the Northern Ireland Protocol’s problems.


With this, Lord Frost is setting out the UK’s proposal to Parliament to solve the “serious challenges” surrounding the current protocol agreement, which has been plagued with problems.

Britannia News understands that Lord Frost is to give a statement in the house of lords later today, which will outline a strategy going forward to iron out the current Problems.

According to reports, the new strategy will remove checks on goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Lord Frost told the Parliament European Scrutiny Committee, the only way for the agreement to work is for the EU to agree to “hugely reduce or eliminate the barriers” that have created a hard border down the Irish sea.

Recently, Brussels made an offer to the UK regarding a solution to the Protocol. The EU suggested for the check to be removed, the UK needs to fall in line with EU rules on food safety standards and agree to a sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) deal.

The UK instantly rejected the suggestion from the EU. The UK said the proposal went against the interests and sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

Instead, the UK government will push for an equivalence arrangement, which the Commission is yet to rule out. EU insiders have said their next move would be a “strict no messing around” proposal.

A statement from Brussels read: “The [Lord Frost’s] plan is not expected to please us knowing how the UK has been with us previously on the issue [Protocol].

“We don’t want some form of scary approach from Britain. The Protocol needs to be fully implemented if the UK signed up to this international agreement.”

Mairead McGuinness, EU Commissioner, added: “Plans are being made, and plans will certainly be unrolled and revealed if we don’t see cooperative implementation of the Protocol.”

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