WATCH | CHANNEL CRISIS – The numbers coming are about to “EXPLODE” in the coming weeks.

Nigel Farage slams the Migrant crisis in Dover saying that this non-covid story will be the biggest story over the next few weeks.

Nigel made a prediction that the numbers coming across the channel are about to “EXPLODE“. On Monday More than 430 migrants sailed across the English Channel to the UK.

Nigel showed footage of migrants beaching on the southern shore and walking along the white cliffs of Dover.

Nigel Farage asked the question where are the women and children amongst the men captured in the footage.

Nigel went onto say that this constant invasion of mainly fighting aged men did not just cost the taxpayer a fortune; they are also a security risk due to having no papers when they arrive in the UK.

With the weather heating up meaning calm waters we can expect more crossing in the coming weeks.

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