RECORD-BREAKING day saw more than 430 cross-Channel migrants arrive in Kent.

Channel migrant crisis

Monday’s figures saw the arrival of mainly young men with very few women and children. A group of illegal migrants beached on a large boat not far from Dover. The illegal migrants were captured on film walking along shore after landing near Dungeness, Kent.

On Monday, more than 430 migrants crossed the English Channel to reach the UK. According to data compiled and published by the PA news agency, the number broke the previous daily record of 416 set in September 2020.

Monday’s figure included around 50 people, including women and children, who were seen walking to shore after landing near Dungeness, Kent. It is believed that they left northern France or Belgium earlier Monday on a dinghy.

The RNLI watched the dinghy as it approached the coast, before it landed at 1pm. The group arrived and some members celebrated while others relaxed on the beach.

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