New Northern Ireland Protocol Battle Plan to be presented by Lord Frost To Parliament Today

DAVID Frost has prepared a new battle plan to help the UK end the “contradictory” post-Brexit agreement with the EU.


Britain’s Brexit chief, who led the negotiations with the European Commission, said Monday that the Northern Ireland Protocol was “a matter for discussion”.

Mr Frost is now preparing to release a policy paper and make a statement to Parliament today to announce the Government’s new proposals on the Protocol.

Lord Frost addressed a session at the European Scrutiny Committee ahead of the announcement.

Lord Frost said: “One of the difficulties with the Protocol is that it’s quite a purposive document, and a lot of its provisions have to be read with other provisions to sort of work out precisely what they mean.”

“For example, the contradiction between the provision saying the union customs code must apply, and the provision that says that you must do your best to reduce checks at Northern Ireland ports: quite what the correct interpretation of those two things is is obviously a matter for debate.

“So I think the issue is that certainly arguably, the way the EU is allowing us to run some of these arrangements is arguably not consistent or only partly consistent with that sort of balance.”

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