EU DEVASTATED – The Swiss reject joining the EU in latest poll.

Swiss reject joining the EU

A new poll shows that the majority of Swiss citizens oppose joining the EU. This is two months after talks between Brussels and Bern ended.

This latest research is a massive blow for EU bosses, who want to welcome Switzerland into the European fold.

Survey results showed that 64 percent of Swiss participants oppose joining the bloc, while 58 percent supported their government’s decision in May to end talks with Brussels.

Only one-fifth of respondents opposed the decision by politicians to end the talks. The Swiss quit and walked from the table after a seven-year negotiation collapsed, claiming that the terms of the EU deal were unacceptable.

Ignazio Cassis, the country’s foreign secretary said that the requests made by him, his colleagues, were not being met.

Brussels issued a warning that Switzerland could lose its “privileged access to” the unions markets as a warning for walking away.

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