ULTIMATUM – “All options are on the table.” Boris Threatens to pull the plug on the N.I. Protocol unless EU removes their red tape demands.

Boris Johnson Northern Ireland Protocol

Boris Johnson threatens to end the Brexit deal Northern Ireland Protocol unless the EU pull back from their unsustainable red tape demands. 

Downing Street has said that they will not rule out unilateral action and that current measures are unsustainable.

The Government said they’ll do what it takes to preserve the UK’s territorial and economic integrity in the dispute over post-Brexit borders checks.

Later this week, Lord Frost will present a plan of action regarding the Government’s Northern Ireland protocol plans to bring clarity to how the protocol should be implemented. 

The Brexit minister will likely say that the current border fix is not sustainable and should be revised to remove trade barriers between the region of Great Britain and the UK.

A spokesperson from the Boris Johnson team said: “We will set out our approach to the protocol in due course.”  “All options are on the table.”

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