STURGEON’S SNP told to STOP “TALKING DOWN” British Exporters.

Nicola Sturgeon was criticised for “talking down UK exporters” by a British cabinet minister. During a debate on exports, the minister encouraged the SNP and it’s leadership to stop moaning and get behind Britain and its “trade deals”.


On Thursday, Mr Stuart reacted to Kenny MacAskill’s complaint about Brexit’s impact on trade. Mr MacAskill said: “Food production businesses in my constituency face a loss of trade. They face challenges with customs and damage to their supply chains.”

“They need to operate in today’s land, not some promised land that the business might not survive to be able to see.”

“What is the Minister going to do to ensure that their difficulties are minimised? They need butter today, not the promise of jam tomorrow.”

The Minister for exports said, “Well, they would be very much helped if the Scottish Government and the SNP, of which he used to be a member, were to support the trade deals that we do, to open markets around the world.”

“He ought to know, as his former colleagues should know, that Scotland trades more with the rest of the world than it does with the EU.”

“He will also note that that EU volumes are back to their highest level in May since October 2019 – so we are back to pre-pandemic levels with the EU.”

“The teething problems are being dealt with. It’s about time the SNP, who like to chunder from a sedentary position, got behind their exports and stopped talking them down.”

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