Sturgeon’s political point scoring on pandemic strategy dramatically fails.

Nicola Sturgeon

An expert says that Nicola Sturgeon strategy of using Covid to gain political points was a failure.

Dr Niall McCrae is a political commentator at think tank Bruges Group. He insists that Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus strategy was not working to her advantage. 

In an interview with Dr Niall McCrae stated that Ms Sturgeon hoped for Scotland to be more caring and competent than Boris Johnson’s Westminster Government. 

He criticized her zero-Covid strategy, but said she, like other leaders has found that eliminating coronavirus completely was “futile”.

He said: “Sturgeon saw her big chance to show how Scotland was more caring, better able to deal with a threat to peoples’ lives.”

“The problem that Nicola Sturgeon had was that she took, as one of her main advisors, someone called Devi Sridhar.”

“She is a sort of globalist academic who has written a book in the past with Chelsea Clinton.”

“For Devi Sridhar, a zero Covid strategy is what she was urging Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP Government to pursuit.”

“We know, as do the Australians who are now finding out, a zero Covid strategy is pretty futile when you have got borders with England and you are so closed to the mass population of Europe.”

“That is initially what Sturgeon tried to.”

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