Nigel Farage mocks GB News ‘knee bender’ Guto Harri saying “I won’t be taking the knee for anyone on this show”

Nigel Farage has officially joined GB News, after teasing about a “big career change” earlier today. Mr Farage will host his own show starting Monday in the prime time evening slot from 7 pm.

In announcing his new venture, the former Brexit Party leader gave a tour of the GB News headquarters. During the video tour, Mr Farage hit out at “propaganda” from mainstream broadcast media like the BBC.

He acknowledged that the channel had faced “a bit of criticism” since its launch in June and admitted there were “one or two tech issues”.

However, the former MEP insisted “the need for this channel is absolutely enormous”.

Mr Farage said: “Across mainstream broadcast media in this country, they virtually agree on everything.”

“They ignore stories that should be talked about.” 

He continued: “They are propaganda machines for a centre-left agenda. Here it will be very, very different.”

“On YouTube, I’ve had millions of people watching my videos and often I’ve covered stories that everybody else wants to ignore.”

Nigel then took a dig at host Guto Harri who decided to take the knee during a show last week. Nigel said: “I won’t be taking the knee for anyone on this show.”

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