Members of Parliament send Article 16 ultimatum to Brussels. “The world is watching”

“The world is watching,” Senior Brexiteers said many are waking up to the treatment coming from the EU concerning the Northern Ireland Protocol.


DUP and Conservative politicians gathered to criticize Brussels’ implementation of the Protocol during a House of Commons discussion. Sir Bernard Jenkin, a veteran eurosceptic and former Tory frontbencher, led the MPs’ criticism of the European Commission.

Unionists are angry at the bureaucracy, red tape, and inefficiency of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

They claim that the EU transition period ended with the introduction of the mechanism as part of the withdrawal deal. This is creating unacceptable friction in trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Lord Frost, the Brexit minister, has warned the EU that he will have to invoke Article 16 to terminate the Protocol. This is unless Brussels acts more pragmatically in its implementation.

Sir Bernard warned Brussels to stop playing hardball: “The world is watching how the EU is dealing with the United Kingdom.”

“The UK will offer agreement on what the problems are and how they must be resolved.”

“Together, the EU and the UK can look for common ground about how to do so.”

“Otherwise, the rest of the world will see that the grounds for invoking Article 16 have already been met, and action will have to be taken.”

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