Donald Tusk predicts an EU collapse after member states push back against EU interference.

Donald Tusk, ex-President of the European Council, warned Friday that conflicts between Poland and Hungary with the European Union could lead to the bloc’s collapse.


This warning came amid an increasing tension over democratic standards.

Brussels and Warsaw are at odds over issues like the independence of the judiciary, press freedoms, and this conflict has intensified as Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the country should not follow the EU’s top court’s demands.

At the same time, the European Commission brought legal action against both countries regarding LGBT rights.

“If more countries insist on damaging…the European Union, it may just mean the end of that organisation,” Tusk said to TVN24. He is the Civic Platform (PO) leader in Poland and has since returned to domestic politics.

According some to surveys, its reported that Poles are in favour of EU membership. There is no legal way for countries to be kicked out of the bloc.

Tusk, however, who was instrumental in steering the European Union through the turbulent period of Brexit, stated that there was a risk of an eventual departure.

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