Greenpeace expose illegal foreign trawlers fishing in protected British waters.

With EU trawlers being told to stay away from protected marine areas in British waters, some have been switching off their satalite rrackers and plundering our waters with their nets illegally.


A video has emerged showing Greenpeace exposing these foreign ships, filming them in the act of taking fish from protected areas as well as destroying the environment with their dragnets.

Greenpeace has said: “Not only do we keep catching destructive fishing vessels damaging our protected areas, we also keep catching them fishing with their satellite tracking systems turned off. “

“This is illegal and dangerous for all other seafarers.”

“It’s like driving down the motorway at night with your lights off, but when we reported this to the authorities, no action was taken.”

Ms Nicholls added: “Our Government keeps saying it’s a world-leader in marine protection, but it can’t even enforce international maritime law in its waters.”

“It’s still letting destructive vessels harm our protected areas for thousands of hours each year, and it’s still failing our fishing communities.”

“We need to ban bottom trawlers and supertrawlers from all of our protected areas to level up ocean protection.“

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