WIDE OPEN BORDERS – 825 migrants enter Britian illegally in three days.

Today the Daily Mail reported 825 illegal migrants arrived in Britain in three days. The numbers are increasing as the weather warms.


Footage from xxTWxx

This shocking influx of 346 migrants arrived in the UK illegally via small boats on Sunday. It is the largest single-day of migration this year.

This is almost three times the number of migrants who arrived by small boat across the Channel in 2018 when only 299 people came.

Recent arrivals have put the 2021 figure at more than 7,400. Britain is on track to surpass the 2020 record of 8,713 illegal boat arrivals.

Figures from UK’s leading migration think tank Migration Watch previously showed that 5,906 migrants arrived in the first six months of this year, compared with just 2,224 in the same period last.

If this proportional increase continued for the remainder of the year, it would lead to more than 23,000 illegal immigrants unvetted marching into the country.
However, since June, the sudden spike in figures has meant that 1,500 additional landings have occurred in the past fortnight, rendering previous forecasts obsolete.

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