VIEWERS LEFT SHOCKED after GB News Presenter takes the knee live on air.

GB News viewers were furious yesterday when Guto Harri, a presenter, knelt on the floor taking the knee live during a debate on racism in football with Mercy Muroki.


Following Tyrone Mings’ criticisms of Priti Patel, England footballer, Tyrone Mings claimed that the Home Secretary had “stoked the fire” and described taking the knee as “gesture politics”.

The GB News presenter, Guto Harri, stunned viewers when he took to the knee during Tuesday’s broadcast saying.


“I’ve never understood why people would find it offensive,”.

“Having seen over the last few days just how deep-rooted racism among some England football fans is, I totally get it why this squad thought ‘we have to say that racism is not on’.“

“And I, with the benefit of hindsight, I actually now get it. And so much so, that I think we should all take the knee.”

“Why not take the knee now? It’s a gesture but it’s an important gesture.”

Mercy Muroki explained to her co-presenter why she did not adopt the gesture. She said that because of its association with Black Lives Matter, many people are still against racism and are against the kneeling. Being anti-racist or anti-BLM is not mutually exclusive.

“Expressing a view on racism and expressing a view on taking the knee are not one and the same – they’re not synonymous, and that’s where I think a lot of the conflation has happened.”

“Which means that if you don’t agree with taking the knee then people think that you don’t agree with anti-racism. I would die on this hill that it simply is not the same thing!”.

“So many people are against racism, of course, but whether we like it or not, taking the knee has become divisive because it’s been associated with Black Lives Matter.”

Viewers became furious and used social media to vent their anger.