EU play Politics, refusing to release recovery funds to Hungary.

HUNGARY has slammed the European Union, demanding access to the recovery funds as other countries’ plans are approved.


Christopher Pitchers, Euronews reporter, highlighted growing frustrations from Hungary with the EU. The European Union accepted 12 of the 27 coronavirus recovery plans from its member countries. 

Those States included: France, Portugal, Spain, France, Austria, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Lithuania.

Hungary is not included in the accepted list, and Peter Szijjarto, Foreign Minister, has criticised the EU for making this decision.

Mr Pitchers said: “EU finance ministers have given the final green light to 12 out of 27 countries pandemic recovery plans.”

“These member states will start receiving the first batch of money within weeks.”

“It won’t be the entire sum in one go, just 13 percent for now.”

“But it is an important step towards repairing the bloc’s battered economy.”

Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s Foreign Minister, said: “The documents related to the Hungarian recovery fund are excellent documents.”

“There is no real reason for any institution of the European Union to reject the ongoing plans.”

“Negotiations are taking place, mixing European politics and things would obviously be unacceptable if that were the case.”