“We won’t simply bend over backwards” LORD FROST gets tough with EU.

LORD FROST is set to stand firm against the EU and will urge them to respect UK sovereignty amid the row over the Northern Ireland Protocol.


Ministers at Westminster and Stormont were closely watching the peak of the annual marching in Northern Ireland amid anger among pro-British unionists at post-Brexit trade barriers. 

The Protocol is deeply unpopular with unionists and loyalists. It creates a trade border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain and means EU rules governing trade in goods still apply in the region.

Ahead of a Parliamentary Statement in the House of Lords by Lord Frost later this month, the UK Government made clear the country would not “bend over backwards” to the European Union after Brussels said they had been generous over the Northern Ireland Protocol arrangements.

A UK Government source also stressed the importance of protecting the Good Friday Peace Agreement, ensuring peace and prosperity in the region following the Troubles.

They said: “We want to find the best way forward for Northern Ireland. Were confident of a suitable arrangement.”

“But we won’t simply bend over backwards as we need to ensure the protection of the Belfast Agreement in all its dimensions.”

“It’s an extremely delicate balance.”