Keir Starmer – “The government’s approach I’m afraid fails the common sense approach”

Keir Starmer has reacted to Boris Johnson removing restrictions after July 19th. 


Starmer said: “With infection rates still going up at the rate, they’re going up. This plan is still reckless.”

“I’m afraid we need a safe way of coming through this, and I feel very strongly at the moment that the government wants to put the country in a car without a seatbelt to get as quickly as possible to the end of the roadmap.”

“We need a safer way, but this is I’m afraid, still reckless.”

“I think the lifting of all protections at the same time is just wrong. If you look at the Sage advice, what they say is masks and making sure there’s ventilation and that people are still working from home would reduce the infection rates. So why on earth not keep that mandatory?”

“The government says we’ll make it a recommendation, make it guidance. If it keeps infection, rates down, keep it in place. Don’t remove it and say to the individuals is up to you, what you do.”

“So the government’s approach I’m afraid fails the common sense approach.”