Richard Tice Urges Boris And Frost To “Stand Up Against Brussels”.

Richard Tice, a Brexiteer and leader of Reform UK party, has asked Lord David Frost and Boris Johnson to “stand up against Brussels” once again. 


Downing Street rejected Brussels’ suggestion that the final EU divorce bill settlement be £2billion less than was previously agreed. Although the Government estimated that the EU owed money was between £35billion to £39billion in the past, the EU claims the correct amount is £40.8billion.

Mr Tice responded: “We are going to keep seeing these stories.”

“Until the EU come to their senses and play ball on the issue of the Northern Ireland Protocol, I wouldn’t pay them anything.”

“I would give them a really, really short time frame otherwise we have got to scrap the protocol and start again.”

“Boris and Lord Frost have to stand up to the EU now and say they are not going to pay any more money.”

“The EU has got to sort out this Northern Ireland Protocol. Until that is done just press the pause button on everything else.”

“We should turn the tables back on them and say ‘sort out of the protocol in a couple of weeks or we are done’.”

“They have got to realise we are a sovereign independent nation. We are going to thrive. We have a great opportunity here.”