Lord Frost blaims Theresa May for the current inherited problems with the Northern Ireland protocol.

Yesterday, Lord Frost spoke to the Northern Ireland Assembly and claimed that the Government “inherited” the difficulties caused by Mrs May’s deal. Christopher Stalford, a DUP member, claimed that Lord Frost had “inherited” chaos from Mrs May’s deal.


Stalford added,”You’ve been left to clean up the mess haven’t you?”  Lord Frost responded by claiming that the Government was left with parts of the withdrawal agreement that had done harm to the UK.  

Frost told the Assembly: “We intend to implement what we signed up to but it’s the fact of implementation that’s causing the problem.”  

“I would say that it was the inheritance that we inherited from the previous Government and from the previous negotiating team that has been a significant part of the difficulty and the reason the Protocol is shaped as it is is because we had a particular inheritance from the previous team who could not get their deal, rightly in my view, through Parliament.”  

“Unfortunately we were not able to go back to scratch and do things in a different way and I think the previous team are to a very large degree responsible for some of the infelicities in this Protocol and the Withdrawal Agreement that we might be better without but unfortunately we are where we are.”  

Regarding the EU’s mindset on this, Frost states the EU still want us to be under their rules: “Their solution is ‘why don’t you adopt our rules, then there won’t be a problem’.”