VIRAL VIDEO – Danish MEP Destroys EU’s Commissioner for Migration and Homeland Affairs With Some Home Truths.

On Tuesday, Peter Kofod, a Danish MEP, called out Ylva Johansson (EU’s Commissioner for Migration and Homeland Affairs), in a plenary session of the European Parliament. He accused her of being on another planet if it doesn’t seem like there’s still a massive migration crisis affecting Europe.

According to the 31-year old politician from Danish People’s Party, the daily arrivals of migrants from Africa at Europe’s southern borders and the Middle East at Europe’s eastern borders were still concerning and could change the face of the “Europe we love”.

Ms Johansson was still seated while Mr Kofod shared some hard hitting truths with the European Parliament. He was applauded as he took his seat.

Mr Kofod said: “It’s quite surprising to be sitting here listening to the debate and suddenly the Commissioner says that Europe is no longer in a migration crisis”, Mr Kofod told the plenary session.

“Commissioner, what planet are you living on?!

“This is a time of whole people migrating. We have mass immigration from the near East and Africa that really is shifting the sands of the landscape of the Europe we love.

“We are seeing ghettos, more and more criminality in Scandanavian and European countries. There are areas where rule of law no longer applies!”

“You must acknowledge the existing problems of migraiton in this continent. If you don’t acknowledge the problem, you can’t solve the problem.

“This system will never resolve the issue and I’m really disappointed!”