BRITAIN MUST NOT PAY – EU Attempt To Rinse Britain As They Demand An Extra £2 Billion.

EU demands for an additional £2 billion to be included in the Brexit divorce settlement were “completely absurd”, and Britain must not pay them, Tory MPs stated.


The new bill was revealed in Brussels as £40.8 billion, instead of the expected maximum £39 billion. Downing Street rejected this figure and stated that it would soon publish its own total. Peter Bone, a Brexiteer, said that it was absurd that Brussels claimed that the final bill was higher than the country had paid for its membership.

Mr Bone said: “The EU should be paying us money. We were a net contributor throughout our period within the EU.

“The idea that when we have left the club, we need to pay them even more money is completely ridiculous.

“The EU is just being its normal unreasonable self.”