Sturgeon trashes Indyref two as EU membership seems more important than Scottish Independence.

Nicola sturgeon EU rejoining dream

An Alba Party MP warned NICOLA STURGEON about the SNP’s pro-European Union stance.

Kenny MacAskill warned the Scottish First Minister claiming that it doesn’t see the difficulties in becoming a full member of the EU.

For the Scotsman, Mr MacAskill argued that returning to the bloc would require forming a hard border with the rest of Britain, something Nicola Sturgeon rejects.

He wrote: “Re-joining the EU would necessitate a hard border with the rest of the UK, which is an anathema to many and undermines the case for independence.”

“In any event, the political union’s more controversial now, as the EU faces challenges with the departure of Merkel, Le Pen’s threat to Macron, and the continued rightward drift of the likes of Hungary and Poland.”

“SNP positioning though seems to be EU membership, irrespective of whatever happens or whatever the cost. That’s probably driven by many who joined the party post-Brexit or fired by the SNP’s pro-EU position.”

“To avoid alienating them, the SNP concentrates on looking back, not preparing to go forward, as for some of them EU membership’s more important than independence and they were cultivated by Nicola Sturgeon.”

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