LORD FROST – UK-EU relations unlikely to recover if EU do not back down.

Lord Frost

LORD Frost warned that the UK-EU relations would not recover if Brussels continues to pursue its “ideological approach” to Brexit rules in Northern Ireland.

The Brexit minister said that eurocrats should stop demanding Britain conform to the bloc’s rules. Instead, they must consider other pragmatic options before tensions can be resolved. 

He stated that a resolution to the dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol was essential for restoring the relationship. Officials from the European Commission want Downing Street adopting their animal safety rules and food safety rules in exchange for cutting red tape in the area.

To avoid a hard border, Northern Ireland remains in the EU’s single Market, which includes a few customs controls on shipments from mainland Britain.

Lord Frost, however, accused the EU for causing problems with their approach and stated that the proposal would not result in a permanent end of the ceasefire last month regarding a ban on British sausages being sold in Northern Ireland.

Frost said: “We are sometimes accused of being ideological for not accepting that but actually the ideological thing is to say the only solution to these problems is that we should adopt EU law – that is simply a non-starter.” Lord

Frost added: “The issues about the Protocol are obviously central to the tensions between us, so I don’t think we will ever get this relationship onto a new and constructive footing, where we want it to be, unless we can find a good solution to this problem.”

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