BORIS REJECTS Labours criticism on unlocking the country.

Despite pressure from the left, BORIS Johnson remained firm on the July 19th freedom day, when he will scrap most Covid rules. He also blasted Labour’s recklessness.


According to the Prime Minister, his target date should be the end of the lockdown roadmap. He also stressed that the plan was prudent. Johnson will announce his final decision Monday. 

Yesterday, the PM spoke to the Commons Liaison Committee and stated that he expects to permit pubs, restaurants, and other hospitality venues to discontinue social distancing measures starting Monday.

He also reacted to Labour criticism, claiming that the Government’s approach was “balanced” and “reasonable”.

Mr Johnson said: “Now it looks as though – we will take the final decision on July 12 – but it looks as though we will get through to step four, which will allow them [hospitality venues] to open up fully without the need for the one-metre rule.

“All these decisions are a balance of risk. This is a highly contagious disease. We have to do what we can to stop its spread.

“We have been looking at all the data and trying to strike the right balance.

“You could say we are going to dispense altogether with self-isolation and move straight to a testing regime.

“The difficulty with that is that you would effectively be allowing many more people to be vectors of disease than by continuing with our plan.”