Boris Johnson admits to an unfortunate mistake in the Brexit deal.

BORIS JOHNSON has admitted to a significant flaw in his Brexit deal with the European Union and conceded it was a colossal mistake to enable Brussels to have a say in setting out the future trading status of Northern Ireland.


The Prime Minister made the admissions whilst being grilled by the Commons Liaison Committee, outlining several difficulties faced by people in Northern Ireland since is Brexit deal came into force.

Boris admitted to the committee that the agreement needs to change but there is a road block “We also agreed unfortunately that the EU could have a say in how this was done.”

“I think what we all need to do is work rapidly on some solutions, fix this thing fast.”

“I think it will take some effort, but we really can’t exclude any actions that the UK Government may need to take to protect what it says in the Protocol.” Boris has said that nothings off the table in getting this right including ripping up the protocol.