MP urges Boris to do “whatever is necessary” to prevent the “misaplication” of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

DAVID JONES lashed out at EU and demanded that the UK clarify its stance on any misapplications of the Brexit agreement. David Jones, Tory MP, reflected on the continuing difficulties between the UK (and the European Union) after Brexit.


During Prime Minister’s questions, Jones argued that Lord Frost was correct in claiming that an extension of trade between the UK & Northern Ireland was only temporary. He asked the UK Government and Boris Johnson for a resolution to the EU’s complaints about trading goods between the UK and Northern Ireland.

Boris Johnson acknowledged that there are still problems in the Northern Ireland Protocol’s application and said he expects progress on the EU’s part of the debate.

Mr Jones said: “Whilst the extension on the grace period for the supply of chilled meat from Great Britain to Northern Ireland is welcomed, Lord David Frost is entirely right to say that it amounts to no more than a temporary sticking plaster.

“Can my right honourable friend confirm that unless the European Union adopts a more proportionate approach to the application of the Northern Ireland protocol, this country will do whatever is necessary, legislative or otherwise to fix the problem permanently?”

Agreeing with Mr Jones Boris said: “My right honourable friend is sadly completely right in his analysis.

“There remain very serious problems in the misapplication, the excessively legally purist application of that deal and protocol.

“What we are hoping for is some progress from the European Commission.

“We are hoping for some repairs that we think they should make to the way that it is working.

“To echo what he has said, we certainly rule nothing out in our approach.”