Commentator slams the hard left for trying to cancel school children singing Fat Les’s football hit.

Calvin Robinson slammed the hard left after they harassed a school for posting a cover song on Twitter. The harassment was so bad, the school had to take down their Twitter profile.

In honour of the Euros 2020, Primary school children in Lancashire recreated Fat Les’s chart-topping song Vindaloo. The video shows school children and their teachers getting their faces painted with the St George’s flags flying, while dancing and smiling.

Calvin blasted the lefties on LBC saying: “This video was amazing. It was lots of wonderful schoolchildren celebrating their country, celebrating the fact we’re going so far in the Euros this year that we might actually bring football home.”

“I thought it was absolutely amazing to see and some miserable people online have been sneering as the hard left often do, sneering at our country, sneering at patriotism, and looking down their noses at these young people and their school.”

“They’ve been bullied into taking the video off. The Twitter account, not just the video, the Twitter account has been taken offline.”

“How horrible is that? The thought we can celebrate our country and be English used to be patriotic and nowadays it’s frowned up.”

The video above is now going viral on social media. This is a public rebellion against the leftist winery. 

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