CALLED OUT – Alastair Campbell admits he is still “Angry” about Brexit.

Alastair Campbell doesn't accept brexit

Due to Boris Johnson’s tactics when leaving the EU, ALASTAIR CAMPBELL was forced to admit that he still feels angry about Brexit.

The ding dong between Andrew Gimson, Boris Johnson’s biographer, and Alastair Campbel was over the Prime Minister’s conduct during the UK’s negotiations when the UK left the bloc.

Gimson mocked the Remainer and ITV presenter, claiming that they were still angry about Brexit rather than Boris Johnson’s behaviour during Good Morning Britain.

Mr Gimson said: “If you are having a major negotiation you do not say at the beginning my bottle line is, basically I would settle for this. 

Boris Johnson’s biographer then said: “Oh dear Alastair you are getting very angry.

“Basically, you are not angry about the lies, you are angry about Brexit.”

Mr Campbell responded: “No I am not actually, well I am angry about Brexit.”

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