Barnier confirms, EU fears the rise of populism post-Brexit. Others must not follow.

Michel Barnier, the chief Brexit negotiator of the European Union, has stated that he is concerned about EU member states leaving the trading bloc due to Brexit. He said that Brussels must be cautious about Europe feeling excluded. 


When asked if he is afraid that other countries might leave the EU, Barnier told Euro News:

“We have respected the will of a British majority who made this decision themselves on the 23rd of June 2016.”

“I think the negotiations that were very long, were very transparent thanks to Jean-Claude Juncker.”

“We discussed everything with everyone about every subject and we did this for four years.”

“This is what created trust and it’s the key to the unity of the 27 member states.”

Barnier continued saying:

“But I’m wary. I think we have to be careful because there is always the same nationalism, the same intention to break up the European Union.”

“Mr Farage told me that he wanted to blow up the European Union.”

“We don’t have to please Mr Farage, but there is also a popular feeling that has been expressed and that exists in many of our European countries, in many regions.”

“It’s a feeling of exclusion, of having no future, no jobs, insufficient public services, poorly controlled immigration.””All these popular feelings are not populism. It is a popular feeling that is deep-rooted.”