Italian MEP – EU still thinks the UK is “under their rule”

Italian MEP Antonio Maria Rinaldi slams the EU for wrongly interfering with UK soverignty. Antonio states the EU still thinks the UK is under their control as part of their empire.

In an exclusive interview with the Express the Italian MEP said: “The EU knows perfectly well that if the UK’s withdrawal was easy, all the other member states would have followed suit in a heartbeat.

“They are trying to make every single thing complicated so other countries understand that they should never take this path.

“I want to be even more precise: the EU is wrongly interfering with the sovereignties of countries.

“The UK is a proud and sovereign country so interference is not tolerable.”

“The UK is no longer part of the EU but they don’t understand it.

“They still consider it under their rule, they see it as a province under their empire.

“It is not. And the EU is not an empire.”