EU threaten Legal proceeding unless the UK implement the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Maros Sefcovic, EU Brexit chief, raised concerns about a possible trade conflict if there is no agreement in the dispute over customs controls. According to the vice-president of the European Commission, the greatest challenge in UK-EU relations was lack of trust.


Mr Sefcovic said: “Trust is essential for any constructive relationship, but to build trust in each other as partners requires first working together cooperatively and refraining from surprises in the form of unilateral actions.

“Unfortunately, the unilateral measures the UK Government took in March contradicted this much-needed spirit of joint action and clearly violated what we agreed.

“In response, we were forced to launch an infringement procedure and without satisfactory steps by the UK to remedy these measures, we’re going to have no choice but to step up these legal proceedings.”

UK PM Boris Johnson, threatened to end the Northern Ireland Protocol agreement to reduce EU red tape. Downing Street believes that custom controls have created a divide between the UK and the region, and has increased tensions within Loyalist communities.