EU deems the transfer of “goods freely within our own country” a sign of bad faith.

Former Brexit Party MEP slams the Vice EU Commission President Maros Sefcovic after he alleges the UK of acting in Bad faith because the UK wants to trade with itself.


Ben Habib told the Express: “It is absurd that Sefcovic is legitimately able to accuse the UK of bad faith simply because we seek to transfer goods freely within our own country. But this is the absurdity of the Protocol.

“By signing us into it, Westminster has broken the United Kingdom.”

“We have a foreign power in dictatorial charge of part of our country. It is the ultimate in political weakness and constitutional self-harm.”

“The Prime Minister repeatedly says he will not hesitate to take definite action to protect our Union but he takes none. Instead, it is the EU which is taking legal action against the UK.”

“Their action is as contemptuous as it is humiliating. At what point will our government realise there is nothing reasonable to be agreed with the EU?”

“The solution is simple. It lies not in dealing with the EU but in unilateral British action: repudiate the Protocol and leave open the border on the island of Ireland.”

“The value of trade between Northern Ireland and Ireland is a rounding error in our trade figures.

“If the Irish then put in place customs checks it would be them breaching the Belfast Agreement.

“Ditch the Protocol and ignore the border.”